New website sparks massive spike in interest for Compass Education animal courses in the UK and around the world.

Following the recent launch of the new website for Compass Education analysis of visitor details has shown a massive increase in both new visitors and return visitors. Already, after only three weeks numbers have trebled with visitors from around the world. We expected an increase from the UK and Europe but the reaction worldwide has been staggering with visits from 122 countries so far including unexpected hits from countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam and Taiwan in the East, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Iran in central Asia, Morocco, Uganda and Tanzania in Africa, Guatamala, Costa Rico, Colombia and Venezuala in Central and South America.

The tally of countries outside the UK that has students taught by Compass has now also risen to 45, making the college a truly global phenomenon and we are very proud to bring together a worldwide audience of people with a common interest in animal welfare.

David Montgomery


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